NHB offers the cleanest and thorough extraction methods on the market.  CO2 extraction is used at sub-critical and/or supercritical parameters to produce exactly the end product that our customer desires.  We have the ability to pull the best terpenes and crude to produce an amazing quality of CBD distillate.  We also feature short path distillation methods to separate out those sought after cannabinoids that just aren't possible without the right laboratory equipment and expertise. Oil for nutraceuticals must be extracted through a safe, and environmentally conscious process. By understanding the parameters of which to extract each run of biomass, this helps tremendously with post-processing steps.  During our winterization process in the lab, we remove all unwanted plant waxes and lipids that aren't needed in creating desirable CBD products.  Preservation and refinement are our most important concerns in the post-processing step. Filtration methods are also imperative to ensure proper winterization of hemp extract.  NHB offers a full spectrum CBD product line for wholesale, which includes oil-based tinctures, topicals, beauty regiments, vape cartridges, pet products and more!  We also bulk sell our oil to outside retailers.  

Please contact us for information regarding current lead times, service/product availability and wholesale options